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Aboriginal Culture

Koomal Dreaming

 The Wardandi and Bibbulman people of the Busselton, Dunsborough and Margaret River areas of Australia’s south-west have walked this ancient land for almost 50,000 years. Together with other Aboriginal groups from an area that stretches from Kalbarri to Esperance, they are also known as Noongar. The Noongar culture is as rich and varied as the countryside itself, and their knowledge of their environment is incredible and fascinating.

Based in Dunsborough, Koomal Dreaming is your opportunity to step inside their shoes and experience Wardandi and Bibbulman country through their eyes. You’ll taste bush tucker, learn bush medicine, and meet the animals, plants and Dreaming spirits that have enriched the lives of Wardandi and Bibbulman people since time began.  Come on a tour with Koomal Dreaming and see life as it has always been.

Ngilgi Cave Cultural Tour

 Three hour tour departs Fridays & Saturdays at 9.00am from Ngilgi Cave, Yallingup.

From $78.00 per person

 Journey into Ngilgi Cave and be mesmerised by a live didgeridoo performance, deep inside the cave.  Take a bushwalk with Koomal and learn how to identify traditional plants, foods and medicines relating to the aboriginal six seasonal changes. Discover the art of traditional fire lighting and tool making, and participate in a Didgeridoo Music Session.


Twilight Didgeridoo Cave Tour

1.5 hour tour departs Monday – Saturday at 4.00pm or 5.00pm from Ngilgi Cave, Yallingup.

From $50.00 per person.

This tour commences with a short guided bush walk identifying traditional medicine plants knowledge about the region. Next you will venture into Ngilgi Cave where the good spirit Ngilgi dwells, to hear Dreamtime legends and & enjoy a mesmerizing didgeridoo performance as part of a unique cave experience.


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