Whale Watching in Australia’s South

courtesy www.whalepatrol.com

Not only will you find Humpback Whales off Flinders Bay in Augusta you can also expect to see Southern Right Whales. Cavorting in the warm clean waters will be males and females looking for a mate from June to September.  Spot them from Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse or on a whale tour.

Endangered Blue Whales have been sighted in the calm waters of Geographe Bay in Dunsborough.  Witness mothers and calves exercise and play during the months September to December in preparation for the return journey to the cold southern oceans.  Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse is a great vantage point to sight whales in the Indian Ocean and around the Cape.  

Visit www.margaretriver.com.au or www.geographebay.com.au to book a whale tour.